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Hair loss can be the most devastating blow to a man or woman’s appearance. This is because hair is equated with youth and physical prowess and baldness may make you seem much older. Although men can find it very upsetting to lose their hair, it is the women that are often more devastated by the loss of their hair. There are a number of different hair restoration techniques, and here is a look at some of the most effective methods.

You need to know why you are losing your hair before you can pick your restoration method. For men, male pattern baldness is an inherited genetic condition that causes hair loss in a very specific pattern. For women, hormonal changes, stress and illness can all cause hair loss. Depending on what the cause is you may be able to restore your hair by reducing stress or curing the underlying health conditions that caused the hair loss in the first place.

There were many methods in the past including scalp massage which were believed to increase blood flow to the scalp. This was believed to help the hair grow back. However, these are less popular than some of the more current methods that have been developed.

Creams and lotions are often the first hair restoration method that people turn to. They are convenient and easy to use and are often quite effective as well. They can be used by both men and women. However they need to make sure that women use women’s products and men use men’s products so users need to make sure they are reading the label. The last thing you want is to be poisoned by the wrong hair restoration cream because you picked the one for the opposite sex.

Hair restoration surgery is also an option but one that is used by men much more frequently than women. Hair restoration is often broken down into hair transplants and hair plugs and these are both quite different from one another. A hair transplant uses a strip of hair that contains a blood supply and hair follicles that are all part of the tissues that will be relocated. Hair plugs use very small groupings (often made up of only two to three hairs) that are inserted into follicles where hair growth is desired. A surgeon with practice in hair restoration will know which will work best for you, the amount of hair regrowth you need, and your hair type. You need to have this performed before hair loss is complete if you want it to be effective.

It is amazing how much more popular hair restoration techniques have become. By making sure you are picking the right methods you can ensure you will be truly happy with the results you get.

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