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While major hair loss in women is relatively rare, it can be rather distressing when it does occur.

The main reason as to why hair loss in a woman can be such a distressing affair is because most societies expect every woman to grow at least some hair, and a woman who fails to do this is viewed as a social rebel in most cases, and consequently treated with some level of curiosity – and possibly even hostility – in the worst cases. Add to this the fact that most societies actually view hair as a component of a woman’s beauty, and it follows that a woman who experiences major hair loss could end up being viewed as ‘less than beautiful’ leading to a plunge in her self esteem. And it gets worse when the people in the woman’s circle start making up stories to explain her hair loss to themselves (with the woman in question eventually getting a wind of this), typically pushing her even deeper into depression.

Thankfully, most cases of hair loss in women are treatable. But in order to be in a competent position to treat any case of hair loss, one has to understand what could be causing it.

The first common cause of major hair loss in women is hormonal imbalance. And although the role played by the major female hormone (estrogen) in hair loss is not yet fully understood, it is reasonable to conclude that falling levels of estrogen can cause such hair loss in women, given that women who have their falling estrogen levels ‘artificially raised’ through pills or patches tend to experience significantly revitalized hair growth.

Like men, women are also susceptible to androgenetic alopecia (baldness). And as the name suggests, Androgenetic alopecia is attributed to the male hormones in the body (called Androgens), which women are also endowed with, only in smaller levels than men. Luckily for women though, their cases for baldness tend to milder due to their lower androgen levels. Still the fact that the level of baldness women are susceptible to is relatively low does not make it less distressing, especially since such baldness in a woman is ’simply not the expected thing.’

Major hair loss in a woman can also be caused by a disease called Alopecia Areata. Indeed, Alopecia Areata, an immune disease affecting roughly one in every 50 people is probably the commonest cause of major hair loss in women. This disease is identified by the complete hair-less spots on the scalp it causes, with the size of the hair less spots it causes being the measure of its severity. But while a person might live with the less severe cases of the disease (that cause what are often unnoticeable bald spots), the more severe cases can be harder to live with, especially for a woman.

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