Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hair Care For Men And Women

No matter what length you keep your hair, what color you choose, or what style you prefer, you will always find that caring for your hair is something that can easily cross the gender lines. After all both males and females have hair, except that not many men prefer to keep their hair long or curly. Therefore when it comes to hair care both genders will need to pay the same amount of attention to their hair.

Your hair is something that people would notice right away. Healthy shiny hair can instantly make you more attractive, you know that dull, limp hair can make you look tired and ruin what would otherwise be an extremely presentable look. By taking care of your hair and making sure that it looks good with the appropriate hair care, you will find that you get a lot of compliments, but you ask, "How and Where to start from?"

The first hair care tip that you should consider is what you are putting on your hair. Have you looked at shampoos and conditioners that you are using? But be careful because shampoos can dry out your hair, while this might be necessary at the crown of your head,it is not necessary at the tips. So make sure that you apply your shampoo only at the crown. With conditioners watch out for silicones. With ingredients lists, you hair looks wonderfully smooth and shiny but after extended use, they can weaken your hair through building up on the shaft.

Another thing that you need to think about is what your hair care regime is like. You'll find that your hair actually looks its best the second day after a washing , so try to wash only every other day. Similarly, you may wish to give up using a brush due to the fact that a brush can cause your hair to snap and break. Try using a comb instead. While plastic comb will certainly do it. You may find that wooden comb can be gentle on your scalp and help distribute the oil of your hair more evenly. These two steps alone can make your look better than it ever has.

The next thing that you should seriously consider is heat. The truth of the matter is many people use heat on their hair, whether to give it curls, straighten it or even to blow it dry. The problem with this practice is that your hair gets damaged very quickly once heat is applied. You will find that the use of heat on your hair will cause the cuticles to rise up and that it will make your hair a great deal more fragile, making it prone to breakage and split ends. Towel dry or air dry your hair instead.

Whether you are male or female, take the time to make sure that your hair looks great; this is an important way to make sure that your hair helps you look terrific as much as you can. Remember only with the right hair care regime this can be achieved.

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