Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hair Loss Modern Treatment

According to research carried out by a privately practicing GP, there have been great achievements in the field of treating hair loss in people in a wide segment of society. Here it can be observed that although there is a strict code of conduct and equally stringent set of regulations of the Food and Drug Administrations department (FDA), the same are only applicable for pharmaceutical companies.

Hence, privately practicing doctors are exempt from the applications of such regulations. This means that they are able to experiment various ways of treatment, with the share of achievements/successes and losses/risks falling on their own hands. Probably, this is one of the reasons for the discovery of various new methods of treatments and therapies including those for hair loss.

Taking into account achievements only, it may be observed that the FDA has approved more than 9 American patents for the treatment of alopecia, hair loss and baldness. This includes regrowth formulations such as Proxiphen- a prescription medication. Then there is the proxiphen-N, which is a non-prescription drug therapy to treat hair loss. Other approved drugs include: NANO hair regrowth shampoo, and NANO hair regrowth conditioner.

It seems that there exist many therapies and remedies hair loss, however the only way to find out if a particular product is really effective or not, one has to try it. As the metabolism of each person differs from other people, so does the effect or adverse affect of the hair treatment medication or therapy.