Saturday, January 12, 2008

Is Hair Loss Shampoo Right For You

Using medicated shampoo to regain hair is one of the cheapest alternatives you can choose to use. A lot of people use this method and for some it works but this article will go into some of the root causes of hair loss and you will be able to determine whether or not this remedy solution will fit your needs.

As most of us know, hair loss knows no boundaries. It affects both men and women but when hair loss happens with a woman it is far more emotional than a man. Many reasons abound why this is but the fact is treatment for a woman's hair loss is paramount and that's why the use of a shampoo to stem the hair loss is one of the many solutions that can be used. But first we must find out before we even use anything on our hair what the root cause of the hair loss is in the first place.

Root causes of hair loss in a woman. Some basic reasons to research when researching hair loss with females is with hormonal changes. Hormonal changes with women can happen in a number of ways. It can happen with the use of birth control pills, it can happen with childbirth, or when a person stops taking medication. The environment that one works in can also attribute to hair loss if the stress level is high. Here's an interesting and common perception of hair loss. Most people associate cancer with hair loss. It's not the cancer that causes the hair loss; it's the treatment of the cancer which mainly comes in the treatment form of chemotherapy. Definitely chemotherapy kills the cancer cells and everything else along with it that the body needs to be healthy. Hence the loss of hair is a by-product of chemotherapy.

Shampoo for hair loss. Okay getting back to the crux of this article on the use of shampoo to stop hair loss. If you have determined the the root cause of your hair loss is not inherited, or hormonal changes or any type of medications then using a shampoo that will bring life back to your head may be an alternative. In order to get your hair back, your head needs to have the moisture content back in place. There are shampoos that are specifically created for putting oils back on your head. Using these shampoos will circulate the blood and prevent dry hair and a dry scalp which are the precursors to hair loss. The use of these shampoos doesn't stop by just using it exclusively, you have to be aware of your environment to prevent dry scalp. That means no sun bathing, use of any type of harsh treatments on your hair and start eating a healthy diet with plenty of protein in it. In other words, start being nice to yourself and your body will in return be nice to you.

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So is using a shampoo for your hair loss going to work for you? The answer will depend on how much research you have done in finding out about yourself and your family. If you have discounted heredity, genetics, any medications, stress levels of your life then maybe a shampoo will help you. Because of the vast complexity of us, no one really knows what will work and what will not. Rest assured that will perseverance will come an answer. If you do opt for using a shampoo there are many online discount stores that you can get good deals rather than at your local drugstore. Check them out and see the difference yourself. Remember that only will honor any price less than theirs. Just send them an e-mail if you find a price cheaper than theirs and they will honor that price for you!

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