Saturday, September 30, 2006

A few causes for hair loss

How's the dew looking these days? Is it just as thick, shiny and vibrant as it was back in high school? Or, are you starting to reflect sunlight off your head? That's always a major bummer. No one likes to say bye bye to their snazzy dew. For some it's their best feature in the first place. Regardless, there is not a lot we can do with the old gene pool. After all, this is probably one of the primary causes for hair loss. However, there are several ways to battle this affliction once it rears its ugly head. It's high time to see a trichologist, ladies and gentlemen. There's no reason why you have to say goodbye to your hair. Do you have a computer handy?

Do you know the major causes for hair loss? Well, if you don't already, then let me fill you in on the secrets of the follicle. First of all, most likely one of the greatest causes for hair loss is genetics. So, how can you tell if you will lose your head fuzz? It has a lot to do with your family tree. You'll want to check out your grandfather. Your mother's father to be more specific. How was his hair looking the last time you saw him? If he's 70 years old with a full head of hair, then that's a pretty good sign. This is basic biology, folks. Now, if your mother's father passed away at a young age, then there may be nothing to go on. I used to look at my father and wonder if I would lose my dew, but I still haven't after 30 years. Not to say that it won't happen, but it's looking good so far. However, for the longest time, I thought his baldness would have an impact on me, but it shouldn't according to science. Then there are a few other causes for hair loss. One of the major ones being stress. Yes indeed, stress can often be the culprit of a thinning hair dew. What does this tell you? Well duh! It tells you to take life as it comes and don't worry about things. Worrying won't benefit you in any way regardless.

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