Friday, August 21, 2009

Hairloss After Pregnancy

Oh dear, not only do you look different after having gone through a lot of pain, now your hair wants to fall out. Naturally y you are worried and need to know if this is normal. Fortunately it is and most women goe through the same problem. You have grown a lot more hair during pregnancy because your hormones have increased. Hormone production is now normalizing and whether you like it or not your hair is going back down to the level of growth as before pregnancy.

No woman likes to lose hair, especially not at that quantity. It’s bad enough to see the hair growing on an every day basis. The little hair we lose feels like going bald. Losing hair by the fistful is just too much for most women to handle.

In our society, baldness for women is a lot worse than for men. It’s more socially acceptable for men to be bald, while hair is a largely defining characteristic for most women. But societal rules aside, women might feel sickened by their hair loss, feeling as if they’re degenerating from some kind of disease.

But hair loss after pregnancy is nothing to be gravely worried about and it’s okay to shed like a dog. There’s no real cure for pregnancy hair loss, but it’s not really something to cure. The only thing you can do about hair loss after pregnancy is to wait until your hormones balance out. In the meantime, you can take care of your hair as much as possible so that you don’t leave gross trails of hair in your wake. You can either try to lessen the amount of hair that falls out overall, or you can try to not shed everywhere. Brushing and washing hair makes hair fall out more, so you might do it less often, but it can also get most of the shed hair to come out at that point so that it won’t bother you as much during the day.

Your hair however may not be exactly the same as before pregnancy. The change of hormone levels in your body has caused changes all over and may also have changed your hair forever. It won’t be extreme, but something like your texture may be affected. That's how or body works. It’s still your body.

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