Sunday, October 15, 2006

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is an affliction commonly associated with males. However, millions of women suffer from the condition as well. The causes of hair loss in women differ from the causes of the male form of the problem. Women as young as fifteen years old have developed the problem of thinning hair. Finding the causes of hair loss in women is the first step to treating it.

Fifteen years of age is much younger than the average women who experience thinning hairlines. It is quite rare for the condition to occur before the lady enters her twenties. There are enough cases, though, to make finding the causes for hair loss in women a priority for many women of all ages.

What are some causes of hair loss in women? Some experts contend that the source for the condition is associated with the growth cycle. When the growth cycle is interrupted the ladies’ tresses begin to thin out.

Our locks normally grow about one inch in the timeframe of two months. Each hair has a growth phase that lasts from two to six years. After the individual hair has spent its two to six year stay on the head it rests for awhile then falls out. A new one peeks out of the follicle in its place. The interruption of this cycle is linked as one of the causes for hair loss in women.

In some cases the cycle is interrupted. These individuals commonly have a genetic predisposition to losing locks. The causes for hair loss in women include a group of hormones. These hormones are called androgens and they interfere with the cycle of hair growth, rest and rebirth. The group of hormones is commonly found in males in large amounts and in females they are found in small amounts.

Even though the male hormones are part of the causes of hair loss in women the condition of female balding does not follow the same pattern of male baldness. There is some evidence that makes researchers conclude that there are other things at play as well. Other types of enzymes may also be part of the causes of hair loss in women.

Other possible causes for hair loss in women include medical conditions. Problems with thyroid disease and anemia can lead to a thinning scalp. Some medications can cause thinning hair as well. Luckily there are now hair loss treatments for women too. Check out the new Provillus formula for women. It's by far the easiest hair loss treatment on the market today, and it works.